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Junior Future Leaders

As our country needs strong and courageous men and women who can lead with integrity. ‘’Junior Future leaders programme’’ is a very great way to polish brilliant diamonds, that will become our country leaders in the future.

Junior Future leaders’ programme is designed to support the development of leadership for teens within their schools and colleges. This qualification has been developed with “ Pearson the largest awarding bond in UK “

Pearson BTEC level 2 certificate covers the knowledge and practical skills required for teens to develop Team leading skills.

Our Future Leaders programme is designed to give teens the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a range of skills , techniques, and attributes essential for successful performance.
  2. Know how to make decisions
  3. Know the essential Team Leading skills to deal with others
  • Awarding body & Accreditation

  • Benefits for Students and Parents:

  • Benefits for Schools

  • Certifications

  • Targeted audience

  • Available Funds and Scholarships Opportunities:

  • Assessment

  • Course structure

This programme is accredited by Pearson. Pearson is the largest awarding body which is accredited by the UK Government’s Qualifications and curriculum Authority (QCA). Pearson operates in 112 countries and every year more than 4 million people study it’s internationally recognised qualifications. Pearson BTEC qualifications are accepted by all UK Universities for direct entry with advanced standing on to their degree programmes.

1- International certifications recognised in more than 100 countries.

2- International programme with a special focus on teens’ Character building and development of Leadership skills.

3- Fully funded and partially funded scholarships.

1- Fully funded scholarships for the school Management staff to attend “Leading Education Institutions – training programme”. The programme will be held in UK in August of each year.

2- Selected Schools will be granted 50 Fully Funded and Partially Funded scholarships for its Students.

3- Selected Schools will be equipped with IARS’s innovated modern Education Management System “Max Learn”. No payments will be required for this feature.

4- Selected Schools will be awarded “Approved Leaders Factory” status which will add value to the selected schools and will be a competitive advantage among schools.

5- Schools will be granted financial reward for using their physical premises.

6- After the 3 years contract, the Selected schools can be approved as independent BTEC centre by Pearson to run the programme independently.

Pearson BTEC level 2 certificate in Team Leading .

• Teens from age 14 till age 19.

• Teens from grade 7 till grade 12.

IARS believes that the effective use of human resources is an essential element for improving nations and their economic performance. Accordingly, IARS is providing special funds for the Junior Future leaders programme to cooperate in the development of the industry and trade sectors in MENA region as following:

100% Funded Scholarship:

This scholarship will be available for 10 Applicants in each School.

Learners will not pay any tuition or exam fees.

60% Funded Scholarship:

This scholarship will be available for 40 Applicants in each School.

Students entitled for 60 % Fund including the course fees and the summer camp.

Programme Fees Include:

1- Programme tuition fees.

2- Training materials.

1- Online access to an E-Learning system on IARS website (supporting materials).

2- Summer camp fees.

Assessment of this programme will be via assignments, typically one or two assignments per unit. These assignments will vary and include a mix of formal reports, presentations and practical tasks.

Pearson BTEC level 2 is a QCF qualification that consists of 4 units.

Unit 1: Understanding the role of the Team Leader.

Unit 2: Principles of Developing Team Performance.

Unit 3: Understanding Personal Development .

Unit 4: Principles of Managing and Supporting Team Members .